Azura Kurimuzon is a Dragon known as the Blood Dragon and The Blood Dragon Queen. She is Lumina_Garcia 's 

 Foster Mother


Azura Kurimuzon is a giant dragon with crimson scales covering her entire body. She resembles dragons from the old paintngs from the rennasceince era but instead of having the scales like them, hers are all crimson. On her chest is a Scar in the form of 3 claws because of her fight with Grandeeney.


Her personality is that shes very patient and tends to try and not fight or argue with the other dragons, She has few expressions and the only one you mainly see is Calm/cold which means she is thinking if you are good.She considers humans friends and will help them as best as she can.

Lumina thinks of Azura as a strict but loving mother who wouldnt lay a finger on her children, 


Azura Kurimuzon was born 400 years ago and was once the best friend/sister of Grandeeney but because of an accident it caused Grandeeney to turn on Azura who also cut the claw scar thats on Azuras chest. Because of this it started bad blood between Sky and Blood Dragon slayers and a war was born. Azura found Lumina when she was abandoned by her parents in the woods and left to die, and so she took care of Lumina as if she was her own child and taught her Blood Dragon Slayer magic spells. Azuras whereabouts are not known till this day.