Dog Whistle Magic

Dog Whistle Magic. The ooze comes from the casters clothing

Dog Whistl Magic

Dog Whistle Magic. The ooze envelopes anyone who touches it and eats their magic

By using the "microphone staff" the users body lets out a large amount of slime which oozes from their clothing then grows to form a large mass. When touched the ooze engulfes the person, it is said that this ooze has a mind of its own. This ooze also eats magic, in other words, it absorbs magic attacks and uses them for energy. The ooze has been known to be able to take different forms, such as a hand, once the caster is done using this magic the ooze returns almost the same way it appeared, it oozes back into the casters clothing. After being touched, the person will become fatigued and drained of magic, as the ooze eats magic.


  • Slime Hand
  • Hot Slime
  • Slime Ride