Magical GuildsEdit

There are three different kinds of magic guilds: Legal, Dark and Independent. A Legal guild is a guild that has been approved and registered by the Magic Council. A Dark guild is a guild that has not been approved
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A Magic Guild hall

and is treated like a criminal organization. A Independant guild is a guild that is not approved by the Magic Council, but is not considered a criminal organization. Independant guilds seem to be able to do as they want as long as the Magic Council doesn't dissapprove of them. 

Guild RanksEdit

Guild MasterEdit

The Guild Master is usually the head of the guild that they are affiliated with. Typically, Guild Masters are incredibly strong, often being the strongest mage in the guild. They have virtually have full authority over their subordinates.

S-Class MagesEdit

S-Class mages are usually the most powerful mages in the guild underneath the guild master. They are able to take special S-Class missions that are so dangerous one mistake could be fatal. However, the pay for S-Class missions is very good.


Mages are simply users of magic that have joined their respective guilds. They are not allowed to take S-Class quests because they are not considered powerful enough. Mages can still become S-Class if they prove themselves strong enough. 

List of GuildsEdit

Legal GuildsEdit

  • Fairy Tail
  • Sabertooth
  • Twilight Ogre
  • Lamia Scale
  • Blue Pegasus
  • Quatro Cerberus
  • Mermaid Heel
  • Raven Tail
  • Titan Nose
  • Phoenix Grave
  • Gramlush
  • Hound Holy
  • Carbunkle
  • Phantom Lord
  • Cait Shelter

Independant GuildsEdit

  • Crime Sorciere

Dark GuildsEdit

  • Southern Wolves
  • Love & Lucky
  • Slyph Labyrinth